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JackTech is ready to fulfill your consulting and contracting needs.
We offer specialized expertise and broad experience to deliver measurable, lasting solutions.

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JackTech brings deep, functional expertise to analyze your challenges from multiple, holistic perspectives.

Our goal is to optimize value from all of your organization’s boundaries and silos. We have a proven track record of identifying and solving the root cause of a variety of different problems, not just surface-level symptoms.


JackTech’s experienced professionals will guide you to apply technological innovation to unleash trapped value within your organization.

We will work to help you understand your challenges and unlock the transformative impact of big data: work smarter, be more responsive, and make better decisions for your organization.



JackTech offers a variety of contract vehicles with the federal government. We provide a seamless way to obtain services at the best value.


Need something else? Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can partner with you.

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Business Intelligence​

  • Power BI

  • Tableau Desktop

  • Tableau Server

  • Tableau Prep

Coding Languages

  • Python

  • R

  • SQL

Project Management

  • GitHub

  • Jira

Web Platforms

  • AWS

  • SharePoint

  • Salesforce

  • Power Platforms

Web Analytics 

  • Google Analytics

  • Crazy Egg


  • Oracle Database

  • Oracle Apex

  • Oracle WebLogic

  • Oracle Financial

  • Oracle Hyperion Essbase


  • ACL

  • Microsoft PowerPoint Timeline

  • Teammate

  • ResourceMate

  • SPSS

Blue Skies


At JackTech, we firmly believe that results speak for themselves.

Learn about a few of the ways that we have helped our clients achieve success.

Business Intelligence

The JackTech team has created over 200+ data visualizations, including 4 reports for Congress and 3 reports for agency directors. Our team’s reports are both ad-hoc and ongoing, the latter of which we maintain on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. For all reports, our team emphasizes continuous improvement; we work closely with our clients to troubleshoot any technical, strategic, or business problems and recommend any appropriate improvements. Our clients include people from all different technical, cultural, and generational backgrounds. As a result, JackTech has extensive experience understanding various data, business, IT, governance, and strategic challenges across many different environments. Specific examples of business intelligence projects include but are not limited to:

  • Construct report with 500+ annual events for Director’s schedule management

  • Create annual and quarterly $20 million+ executive budget reports with target goals

  • Analyze $200 million+ procurement awards to optimize agency contracting strategies

  • Examine cybersecurity breaches of entire organization to develop risk management plan


In addition to assisting clients directly by cleaning, analyzing, modeling, interpreting, and visualizing their data, the JackTech team also empowers customers by training them in these skills, whether through one-on-one sessions or a formal classroom setting. The JackTech team has created and executed 10+ different types of technical trainings that can be help up to 4 times a month, last up to 6 hours, and can have over 40 participants. The courses can be more general or personalized for a specific client’s strategic and technical needs. 

Project Management

The JackTech team has created self-service center of excellences from the ground up that have won internal government agency awards. On a monthly basis, JackTech assists clients with managing over 200+ internal requests regarding technical, strategic, and project management problems, including but not limited to cloud migrations, database migrations, and software upgrades. The JackTech team has created comprehensive testing plans and project roadmaps for multiple environments such as development, testing, backup, and production environments and ensures compliance with all cybersecurity and data governance policies. 

Service Name

Describe your service here. What makes it great? Use short catchy text to tell people what you offer, and the benefits they will receive. A great description gets readers in the mood, and makes them more likely to go ahead and book.

Service Name

Describe your service here. What makes it great? Use short catchy text to tell people what you offer, and the benefits they will receive. A great description gets readers in the mood, and makes them more likely to go ahead and book.


JackTech is proud to support the following clients:

Other government agencies our leadership team has had the priviliege of working with include the following organizations:


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