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JackTech is a fast-growing, small, economically disadvantaged women-owned (EDWOSB), and minority-owned (8(a): PENDING) technology and strategic management consulting firm headquartered in Washington, DC.


We strive to embody the spirit of integrity and innovation while providing you with
the tools and expertise you need to confidently achieve your organization’s goals.


Browse through our services and get in touch with us for more information.


Our story begins with JackTech founder Connie Zhang's ambitious yet rambunctious, father, Jack, as he prepared for the notoriously tough Chinese National College Entrance Exams—the gaokao. Having never studied in his entire life yet finally realizing how important his education would be to rise above his disadvantaged roots, Jack buckled down for one year and was accepted into the Ivy League of China.

Years later, an educational scholarship enabled him to obtain a Master of Science in Chemistry in America. Despite his broken English, he completed his studies while delivering pizza in the frigid, Chicago winters to support his two infants and wife. After a decade of chemical work, Jack taught himself database administration and pivoted his career into computer science. Meanwhile, Jack continued to explore his interest in construction and learned how to build a home from scratch for his family.



Today, we pride ourselves in embodying the spirit of Jack's integrity and innovation in our work.

We aim to use our personalized, industry-leading support to provide all aspects of your organization with vital insight and empower you to lead ideas from strategy to implementation.

Learn more about the services we provide and get in touch with us to find out how we can partner with you.


1801 Clydesdale Pl NW
Unit 303
Washington DC, 20009


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